driver license translation

According to Italian law, drivers with a license not issued by an EU country are required to possess a sworn translation of their original, valid license - unless they have an international driver's permit. Many auto car companies will give you the car anyway, however, in the event of an accident, your insurance is void without it and you may get a fine if you get stopped.

It is not sufficient to have it 
accompanied by a translator's certificate of accuracy or stamped by a translator, even if they are registered at court.
In order to be legal, the translation must contain a 16 euro revenue stamp (tax) on it, and have the necessary court clerk stamps. 

Since this entails a morning queueing at the court house, it is more expensive than a regular translation. 

If you require this service it is sufficient to send a clear scan or photo of the front and back of the driver license via email. The sworn translation (aka affidavit) can be delivered to you in two working days and the document is valid for a year.  

Other translations that usually require being certified at court, particularly for immigration purposes, are the following:

- birth certificate

- marriage and divorce certificate
- residency certificate

- residence permit

- university degrees and transcripts

- pending proceedings certificate
- criminal records certificate

- payroll sheet

- identity card

- fiscal code card


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