With this private Contract which is legally effective and binding between the undersigned parties:

______________ , in the person of its legal representative pro tempore, with registered office in _______________


______________________  in the person of its legal representative pro tempore, with registered office in______________


-          ____________ through its wholly owned subsidiaries, is a company involved in the serial production of________________ whose products are marked by their own brand name;

-       _____________ is interested in developing a distributor and sales network for its own products in__________, and, to this end, seeks the professional services of ______________________




 THIS AGREEMENT is between XXXX, herein called "Buyer" and XXXX, herein called "Seller", covering the sale and delivery by Seller and the purchase and receipt by Buyer of the specified oil herein called "Retraceable Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil" upon the following terms and conditions:


WHEREAS: the Seller with full corporate authority, irrevocably and firmly undertakes and commits to sell and deliver the commodities of Traceable Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil, produced in XXX and supplied with suitable traceability certification issued by the “MINISTRY OF RURAL GROWTH XXX” and sustainability certification issued by SGS, and hereby certifies, represents and warrants that the Seller can fulfil the requirements of this Agreement and provide the product herein mentioned in a timely manner and under the terms specified by the signatories hereafter; and


WHEREAS: the Buyer hereby agrees and makes an irrevocable firm commitment to purchase C.I.F. Cost Insurance Freight, Livorno Sea Port (ITALY) INCOTERMS 2010, and;


WHEREAS: the Seller and the Buyer now do hereby agree that all sales and purchases shall be based on and comply with established international procedures and practices in the industry and to execute this contract under the following terms and conditions:




Protocol No.  




It is hereby certified  that the Architect __________ born in ROME on ____________ Fiscal Code No. _____________ is enrolled on the Order Register since _________ in section A, with number _______  and is in  good standing with membership dues for the entire year of 2016.


Issued upon request of the party concerned, for all legal purposes.


In witness whereof,


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In 1965, after a long absence from the music scene, Ornette Coleman  recorded a two-volume live album with innovative rhythms and sonorities at the Golden Circle, a Stockholm jazz club.  This marked the beginning of Coleman’s contract with Blue Note, representing a turning point in his career. 

Four renowned Italian jazz artists were inspired by that legendary live performance: Rosario Giuliani, Fabrizio Bosso, Enzo Pietropaoli and Marcello Di Leonardo. Together they formed an imaginary “golden circle”, blending together their experiences and setting aside their preeminant roles to convey their extraordinary talent as interpreters and music makers in a singular band.

This does not intend to be exclusively a tribute to Ornette Coleman and his music, surprisingly still current after 50 years, but aims to implement the strong urge to move closer to what Coleman termed “The New Thing”.

Apart from Coleman’s famous songs   (such as Congeniality or Jayne, dedicated to his wife, poet Jayne Cortez) the CD is enriched with 3 original tracks, especially produced for this occasion, where these jazz artists undeniably manifest what Coleman constantly repeated: This is our music.






Nel 1965 al Golden Circle, locale jazz di Stoccolma, Ornette Coleman – dopo una lunga assenza dalle scene - registra un doppio album live dalle sonorità e timbriche innovative.  E’ il suo primo album con la Blue Note e rappresenterà una chiave di volta della sua carriera.

Da questo live leggendario prendono spunto 4 grandi jazzisti Italiani: Rosario Giuliani, Fabrizio Bosso, Enzo Pietropaoli e Marcello Di Leonardo. Formano un “cerchio d’oro” immaginario, dove racchiudono le loro esperienze, abbandonano per una volta i panni di leader e mettono al servizio di una band vera e propria tutta la loro grandezza di interpreti e compositori.

Non si tratta solo di un tributo ad Ornette Coleman ed alla sua musica, ancora oggi inaspettatamente “moderna” dopo 50 anni, ma più un pretesto per provare ad avvicinarsi a quello che Coleman chiamava “The New Thing”.

Oltre a brani celebri di Coleman (come Congeniality o Jayne dedicata alla moglie, la poetessa Jayne Cortez) il cd è arricchito da 3 brani originali composti per l’occasione ed i musicisti sembrano dirci quello che ripeteva sempre Coleman: This is our music.